Ever feel like you are watching the Kool-aid being stirred right in front of you on the hottest day of the year? Don’t drink it. Let Cask Mouse be water in the desert that is modern music. This band will bring your ears back to life. It is music as it should be… from the soul. Its a difficult to say whether the Red Rocks of Colorado or a club in Austin’s Dirty Sixth would want them more. No matter if you are driving cross country hauling tractor supplies or you’re banging through thrift stores looking for your next festival outfit, you will want Cask Mouse playing while you do it.
This six piece from Boston was born at the hearth of a brick laid fireplace and nearly burnt the place down. Not through vanity or dreams of fame and fortune, but necessity. In a landscape of hard rock and city streets the call of the country beckoned. From earliest inception, the longing to return to roots birthed a fury of song and story. Within the first few months of writing, 'Cambridge Sessions’ was recorded and released. Word spread quickly, landing them in the Rock and Roll Rumble where the band gave scene veterans a run for their money with a live presence that had been hungered for.
Following up with the release of 'Heartbeat of the Northeast’ the guys and gal hit the road running. Unsuspecting patrons through the South, Mid-West and East Coast were pleasantly surprised with the authentic and honest songs. In Nashville, producer Peter Collins happened upon Cask Mouse at a saloon on the outskirts of town and instantly fell for the song Bull. At the time he was working with Brian Setzer producing a record for Nickelodeon star Drake Belle. Bull was used on Bell’s 2015 album ‘Ready Steady Go.’ Songs like Mist of the Pines and Saint of Killers would leave newly gained fans stunned with disbelief that these ‘Yanks’ could have hit the nail so hard on the head; it broke the hammer. The band returned to Boston and in the winter of 2014 to win a Boston Music Award for Best Americana Act, emphasizing the fact that this band is exactly as it seems. A site to see. Currently cultivating their third studio record, Cask Mouse is carefully running a fine tooth comb over their latest conception. More to come… very soon.
So, where does that leave you? Here you are, reading paragraphs of what could be perceived as a self-serving freeze-dried cow pie. It’s in your hands, to listen, to see and to feel what it really means to be part of this. Take a drink, is it Kool-aid or is it water? 
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Cask Mouse is:

Kevin Boldwin - Vocals, Guitar
Mitch Belch - Vocals, Guitar, Pedal Steel
Bonnie Parks - Vocals, Keys
Jonny Howes - Upright Bass
Joe Wyatt - Fiddle