"Jesus H Possum, Tuesday night crowd @ObriensPub02134 going batshit for Cask Mouse. Chants and screams and shit."

“If Johnny Cash, Jimmy Page, and Brian Wilson ever formed a supergroup, it might sound something like Cask Mouse. The “outlaw” Americana folk-rockers bring their genre-spanning brand of musical storytelling to the outdoor stage for a foot-stomping good time.”

“Here I am at my final show of 2013 and Cask Mouse may be playing the best set I’ve seen all year. They’re impossibly good right now. The Sinclair is teeming with energy, harmonies, hoots, hollers, twang and grit. It’s pure joy. I love this band. I love, love, love, LOVE this band.”

“Cask Mouse quickly captivated the room with their sweet down-home folky-Americana that speaks of a simpler time. Their joy of performance and love and appreciation of their audience (largest of the evening) and deep respect for each other was as endearing as their music. They shared lead vocal duties, each with their own unique personality, like Bonnie Parks’ gentle country chanteuse on one tune, and earlier on in the set, playful and coy with a fun kazoo solo. Highlights included the times when they stretched into expansive, heartwarming 3-part harmonies, delightfully meandering pedal steel and the audio-visual enjoyment of ‘big man’ Joe, arms covered in tattoos, alternately sawing away at and coaxing beautifully delicate melodies from his fiddle."”

“Next up was Allston folk-collective Cask Mouse, who made especially great use of each band member to make their quintet sound twice as large with their simultaneous harmonizing and playing. Mouse’s position in the lineup proved beneficial, as following the out-and-out rock of the first two acts allowed the audience to be a little more receptive to the group’s downtempo vibe. Frontman Mitch Belch drew in the crowd from the first verse, and that my friends, is what a frontman should do.”

“BBC: What band would you have picked to compete this year that isn't? KP: Cask Mouse. I think they have yet to get the tunes out, but you will hear them soon.”

“There was so much to like about watching Cask Mouse stomp-their way through a textured, fireside set of warm, folksy numbers: the timeless cool of a stand up bass, Heavy Set Joe holding it down on the fiddle, and front man Boldwin’s physical Ray-Liotta-meets-Evan-Dando thing he’s got going on.”